Pivotal point in business — The transition from after-school to Ed Tech.

Pivotal point in business — The transition from after-school to Ed Tech.

Pivotal point in business — The transition from after-school to Ed Tech.

As your business grows and you remove yourself from inside your business to work on your business you begin to identify what business models actually work and the strategies that do not.

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Make Music Count has operated as a physical class for after-school programs and summer enrichment programs for the past six years. We would purchase the pianos and workbooks for the schools, and I hired college students to teach in these programs.

This was an excellent model because these times during the day were best for our unique and loud style of teaching math.

The students loved the in-person instruction, and we saw incredible improvement in the students’ performance.

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However, we had a problem which was that we simply were not impacting enough students in a school year. Our classes at most had 25 students for a semester which meant that we were only impacting 50 students in an entire year. That is not nearly enough impact at all. So I had to figure out how to impact not only the students that stayed after school but also those during the school day. The answer was to turn our class experience into a supplemental app for the students to use on the tablets and iPads the schools were providing for them. Now we had a tremendous opportunity to impact an entire school with our curriculum.

This realization was a pivotal point in my business because it’s nice to have a great idea and business, but that means nothing if it does not have a sustainable and scalable model.

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This pivotal moment in business has been a difficult one because we’ve now abandoned the old business model that was creating revenue in order to pursue a new model with school districts and parents that only involves using the app. I honestly feel like we are just now getting started because we have finally found the model that will allow us to reach our potential of global impact. Schools that are now moving to personalized and one to one learning will use our app during the school day and parents and students can also use the app at home. Make Music Count is officially an EdTech company, and I couldn’t be more excited at the potential.

Check out the Make Music Count app and learn about how we’re helping teachers and students tackle math anxiety remixing math and music! https://makemusiccount.com